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The hardest part may be getting your child to sit still long enough to let the cream rinse do its job--the permethrin has to remain in the hair for 10 minutes.
With either the OTC or the prescription products, directions for the specific shampoo or cream rinse you're using should be carefully followed.
To sustain the momentum of SheaMoisture, manufacturer Sundial Brands has launched the Fruit Fusion hair and body collection, which includes a weightless cream rinse.
Conditioners and cream rinses, however, gained a robust 8.
Medications for lice include lotions, cream rinses and shampoos.
3% 291,329,059 Cream rinses, conditioners 939,547,642 7.
Miz Hot Tips tried it and found that it makes hair smooth, shiny and manageable without the heavy feeling you usually get with cream rinses.
Sales of hair conditioners/ cream rinses in food, drug and discount outlets (excluding WalMart Stores Inc.