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Brian H., 20th-century British physicist. See: Stiles-Crawford effect.
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We are grateful to Crawford Farms for stepping up to the plate and partnering with us to help promote the Meadowlands Pace for the next three years," said Jason M.
Crawford carries the air rifle around the store -- sometimes over his shoulder, sometimes pointed at the ground -- before police arrive and shoot him twice.
Crawford first met with a FBI agent on June 5, 2012, reports the Times Union.
Federal officials allege that Crawford was motivated by racial hatred after the arrest of a Muslim man accused of plotting to set off a car bomb in Portland just two days earlier.
Crawford had been on the run since he slaughtered his pregnant wife Theresa, 35, and their three children, Kathryn, 13, James, eight, and six-year-old Karen in 1970.
Crawford said he believed he and general manager Dean Lombardi had a good working relationship and agreed that the team's young players have been developing properly.
The first two chapters are written respectively by Crawford's outstanding biographer, Judith Tick, and theorist Joseph Straus, author of The Music of Ruth Crawford Seeger (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1995).
Crawford partially extinguished the fire in the burning cab and found Langford, who was conscious but unable to move and drenched with diesel fuel.
Crawford, 34, of Derwent Gardens, Howdon, left his car and the scene, leaving a terrified Mr Wade and girlfriend Gemma Merritt injured in their car at the Shankhouse roundabout, in Cramlington.
Politicians have triumphed in recent years, Crawford goes on, by turning the tables on the traditional questioners and attackers and making the foibles of journalists into the issue, thereby deflecting any blame that might fall upon themselves.
Crawford, who attends a Pentecostal church in Toronto, but stresses that he is not wedded to that particular denomination.
Well, it seems Crawford is peeking over the 8 ball again.