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That attribute of a motor vehicle which allows the occupants involved in a crash to survive without injury
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Even the most careful and diligent consumer will find it difficult to put all the bits and pieces of available information togethe r to come up with an informed overall assessment of vehicle crashworthiness.
The Euro NCAP crashworthiness test ratings are as follows:
This ambitious effort has two extremely important goals - improved safety and crashworthiness, and the standardization of certain wheelchair characteristics.
He is also a founding member of the American Association for Justice Information Exchange Group (AIEG) on crashworthiness, and has published numerous articles and books on this topic.
The Fiat Punto has received zero stars in the Euro NCAP's crashworthiness evaluation.
For crashworthiness, the Dart was rated "good" or "acceptable.
One remaining challenge in developing lightweight car bodies is to balance their weight reduction and crashworthiness.
At the same time, I am hearing more and more questions about the crashworthiness of the airplanes and whether the manufacturer of such a flyweight machine can incorporate some degree of protection against a quick, unplanned stop for those who fly in them.
A computer model that tests automobile components for crashworthiness has been used successfully to model and predict the location and propagation of cracks in underwater pipelines in the 2010 Gulf of Mexico disaster.
The abolition of this decision, which held that the fault of an automobile manufacturer in a crashworthiness case ordinarily may not be apportioned with the fault of the driver of the vehicle who allegedly caused the initial crash, (1) will be harmful not only to victims who suffer enhanced injuries in automobile accidents, but also to Florida's consumers.
Major themes include energy absorbing issues, hazard mitigation and assessment, impact and blast loading characteristics, and interaction between computational and experimental results, as well as protection of structures from blast loads, structural crashworthiness, seismic behavior, and behavior of structures.