Crash Test Dummy

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A mannequin used in videotaped analysis of vehicular crashworthiness
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Weeks later Winterkorn, mocked up here as a crash test dummy, quit, insisting he was "stunned" by what had gone on but denying any personal w rongdoing.
2 February 2015 - US-based crash test dummy developer Humanetics Innovative Solutions, Inc.
In some cases, even though the steering column was stabilized and the restraint system redesigned, the crash test dummy contacted the front airbag on the left side and slid into a gap in the airbag protection.
To determine the pedestrian's behavior, a crash test dummy was used.
As Deming prepares to release his new single Crash Test Dummy (Broken) on iTunes June 7, 2014, he has taken to YouTube to explain the song's message of self-acceptance.
It used the head and neck of a crash test dummy and placed sensors within it in order to measure the damage inflicted by a 12 mph impact.
Before the past two weeks, if you knew who Sam Fuld was, you knew he had bounced around the Chicago Cubs' farm system, with occasional, brief trips to the bigs; if you knew more, you knew that he is famous for playing outfield with the sort of reckless abandon that led one writer to call him "a crash test dummy with a death wish.
USDOT recently donated "Vince and Larry" crash test dummy costumes and related automobile safety items to the Smithsonian Institution.
US automaker General Motors is also donating a real crash test dummy.
The automotive crash test dummy first came to life in the 1950s when U.
In 1998, Honda became the first in the world to develop a pedestrian crash test dummy to reproduce the human body's kinematics during vehicle-to-pedestrian collisions, with the aim of identifying parts of the vehicle body most often resulting in injuries, and developing safety technologies to reduce pedestrian head injuries during the collision with a vehicle.