Crash Test Dummy

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A mannequin used in videotaped analysis of vehicular crashworthiness
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In a move aimed at developing safer vehicles, Toyota will be utilising new additions to its Total Human Model for Safety (THUMS) virtual crash dummy software in an attempt to eliminate traffic fatalities and injuries while making an even more diverse range of testing possible.
While NHTSA has acknowledged that their ultimate goal is to pursue a dynamic rollover testing regulation that uses a crash dummy for injury prediction and crashworthiness rating, there are several hurdles that prevent the implementation of a dynamic rollover testing procedure as the federal regulation, including: 1) the inadequacy of repeatability of existing dynamic rollover fixture and testing procedure; 2) the lack of an occupant injury criteria under rollover conditions; 3) the lack of a dummy available that has demonstrated biofidelity in rollover [2].
We were using a crash dummy to perfect the mechanism but the spring was too strong and it kept hurling the dummy 50 or 60 yards in the air.
The exercise scenario a severe occupational accident involving injuries to extremities and the head, which made prompt medical help necessary was prepared and supervised by an expert group from the ADAC air rescue service (German automobile club) using a remote-controlled crash dummy on board the jack-up vessel Thor.
The institute gives vehicles demerits when the structure intrudes into the passenger compartment, or if a crash dummy suffers injuries to head, neck, chest or other parts.
Summary: US officials are combatting counterfeit airbags, one of which shot flames and shards of metal shrapnel at a crash dummy.
The newly upgraded Hybrid III crash dummy, invented by GM, is used by car manufacturers worldwide for frontal crash tests on vehicles.
A car crash dummy is a highly sophisticated set of instruments designed to measure forces, impacts, accelerations and decelerations, accurately and all in a very short space of time: the split-seconds it takes to have a car crash.
The goal of crash dummy research is to aid in creating design improvements for both vehicles and occupant restraint systems to reduce injuries and save lives.
Incidentally, the "crash dummy" concept for his consumer driven health care presentation came to him when he donned a crash dummy mask to help his daughter "learn how to drive safely and always wear a seat belt.
It is based on a nonlinear joint stiffness, damping, friction and hysteresis losses, specific to each DOF for each joint as derived from the physical Hybrid III crash dummy.
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