Crash Test Dummy

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A mannequin used in videotaped analysis of vehicular crashworthiness
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Although crash dummies are commonly used in vehicle collision tests, they do not allow for easy and detailed analysis of how collisions impact the brain, internal organs and certain other parts of the body.
Crash dummies are used to simulate what happens in a rear-end collision, since good restraints can prevent neck sprains, strains and other whiplash injuries.
Crash dummies sat in the wheelchairs with their arms above their heads, suspended in the air by their seat belts.
Newcomb D, "Why It Took Decades For a Female Crash Test Dummy to Debut: Automakers for years fought to use only crash dummies modeled after the average American male," Exhaust Notes.
Studies carried out using hi-tech crash dummies have revealed the sharp increase in risk for those drivers and passengers who are significantly overweight.
Sensors, crash dummies and impactors for special pedestrian protection tests must be regularly checked in AG-own calibration equipment, repaired and calibrated in accordance with statutory regulations and requirements of the DIN EN ISO 17025.
No need, for example, to read more reports about passengers being "flung out" of crashing cars or kiddies propelled through windscreens when exhaustive overseas crash tests, featuring very expensive crash cars and crash dummies, demonstrate conclusively that seat belts save lives.
The plane was full of crash dummies apart from the pilot who ejected moments before the landing.
A major challenge in the ongoing development of physical crash dummies is the need to reasonably represent how the human body responds in an automotive accident.
It's not very different from the methodology automakers use for crash dummies or the military uses to assess weapons and defense.
Four crash dummies, including one with simulated internal organs, were seated inside.
In a report, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said that crash dummies in all three models tested -- the Honda Fit, the Toyota Yaris and the Smart Fortwo -- fared poorly in the collisions.