Clarence, Swedish thoracic surgeon, 1899-1984. See: Crafoord clamp.
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He is a member of the National Academy of Science and was the 1986 Crafoord Laureate of the Swedish Royal Academy of Science.
One of these, the Crafoord Prize, was bestowed on Mayr at a ceremony in 1999.
Business Relationships and Industrial Networks: Perspectives on the Economics of Organization, Crafoord Lectures 1, Institute of Economic Research, Lund University Press 1989, pp.
Many of the professor's other theories have been more widely accepted over the course of his career and he was awarded the prestigious Crafoord Prize in 1997 from the Swedish Academy.
Among his many awards he collected the Crafoord Prize from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
Janzen, winner of the 1984 Crafoord Prize, the so-called Nobel Prize of ecology, spends half of each year in Costa Rica, where he has worked almost continuously for the past 37 years.
He received the 1984 Crafoord Prize in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the Swedish Royal Academy and the 1997 Kyoto Prize in Basic Science from the Inamori Foundation.
Seilacher embarked on his artistic quest in 1992, after winning the prestigious Crafoord Prize from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for his contributions to paleontology.
Janzen, who received the Crafoord Prize (ecology's version of the Nobel) for his work on the co-evolution of plants and animals, had the idea that the seeds of Cassia grandis, and about 40 other large-fruited Costa Rican trees, were adapted to be dispersed by large mammals that are now extinct.
Those scientists, meanwhile, have given Ehrlich most of the prizes they have to bestow, including the Crafoord Prize of the Royal Swedish Academy, which is equivalent to the Nobel, since there is no Nobel for ecology, evolution, or environmental science.
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The first successful surgical resection of cardiac myxomas was performed by Clarence Crafoord in Stockholm on July 16, 1954 (2).