Clarence, Swedish thoracic surgeon, 1899-1984. See: Crafoord clamp.
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Owners, Alister Copley and Carl Crafoord, are proud that the Marina Exchange App achieves a long-term goal of making it easier for boat owners to spend more time on the water with a lot less hassle.
We acknowledge funding from Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation, Crafoord Foundation and WennerGren Foundations.
Makdoumi K, Mortensen J, Sorkhabi O, Malmvall BE, Crafoord S.
Crafoord C (1955) Discussion on mitral stenosis and mitral insufficiency Lam CR, editor.
Martin Rees, Cambridge, Professor Emeritus of Cosmology and Astrophysics, Gruber & Crafoord laureate
In 1945, Bjork and Crafoord reported the first surgical ligation of a coronary fistula.
This research was supported by the Swedish Research Council (grant id 421-2010-1982), and the Crafoord Foundation (grant id 20100899).
Additional Contributions: The authors wish to thank Kjell-Ake Nilsson, Jessica Crafoord, Maria Glemne, Dan Karlsson, and Prof.
His original design was hampered by the patient's own respiratory efforts, but further work with the cardiac surgeon Clarence Crafoord, and an engineer from AGA, Emil Anderson led to an improved machine, one that combined anaesthetic apparatus with an automatic ventilator.
Dansgaard had an active and successful career and was the recipient of many prestigious awards and memberships in scientific societies, such as the Crafoord Prize, given by the Royal Swedish Academy of Science; the Tyler Prize (presented at the University of Southern California), the United States' highest award in environmental science; the Seligman Crystal, awarded by the International Glaci-ological Society; the Vegas Medal, from the Royal Swedish Society of Geography and Anthropology; and the Hans Egede Medal, from the Royal Danish Geographical Society.