mass spectrum

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mass spec·trum

(mas spek'trŭm)
A distribution of charged particles arranged in the order of mass.
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The evaluation is done by comparing the hysteretic curves and cracking patterns resulted from the model to the results from experimental tests of RC walls.
This paper studied the effects of bonding and fiber mesh reinforcement on the flexural properties and cracking pattern of the composite beams.
This path represents the discontinuity in the solid, which is compared with the cracking pattern of the experimental test.
The influence of the transversal flexural reinforcement ratio in the stresses distribution on the tested slabs may also be observed through the analysis of their cracking pattern. Slabs with lower transverse flexural reinforcement presented a radial cracking pattern with cracks spreading towards the supports.
Initial crack loads, ultimate loads and cracking patterns were observed and energy absorption was computed for all the specimens tested in flexure and compression.
Figure 7(a) shows the experimentally observed cracking pattern of test beam under instantaneous loading.
Visual comparison of the beam's cracking pattern was also accessed to achieve a better understanding to the FEM's flexure behavior of the beam.
The stress distribution and cracking pattern in case of in-plane shear are shown in Figure 9.
Modification of cracking pattern on a black earth of the Darling Downs, Queensland.
The cracking pattern (90 [degrees] intersection), as shown in the SEM micrographs [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 7 OMITTED] is typical of high rate strain energy release.