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An old, abandoned or burnt-out building often in US inner-cities where drug dealers and users buy, sell, produce and use illicit drugs, including, but not limited to, crack cocaine
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Like a scene from trainspotting: The crackhouse in Litchfield Court could have been a scene from the film Trainspotting, which centred around the Edinburgh drug scene.
Crackhouse was a jokey romp, while Before My Bedtime, Over the Sunrise and Emily were sweeter.
Federal prosecutors have also used the "Crackhouse Law" to prosecute nightclub promoters, arguing that clubs that host what are called "rave" Ecstasy parties, in essence, function as crackhouses.
From the House Industries display typography and art catalog, number 23, that features "The Bad Neighborhood" font kit: "The Bad Neighborhood features the infamous Crackhouse (the font everyone loves), eps clip-art, eight other beat-down typefaces, and a Bad Hood T-shirt.
Burned," Four friends decide to get rid of the neighborhood crackhouse.
For example, Williams (1990, 1989, 1992) transforms the results from his interviews with eight underclass cocaine selling adolescents (1989) and seven regulars in an underclass crackhouse (1992) into something more generalizable by tying the drug use and drug sales of these 15 respondents to a larger underclass-based culture of refusal.
And in response to the neighborhood crackhouse problem, 18 lawyers volunteered, free-of-charge, to file eviction papers.
Dickerson's seemingly evasive behavior upon his exit from a building commonly known to be a crackhouse aroused the officers' suspicions.
At a time when even McDonald's is trying to shed its fast food label - going to the burger bar for salad is akin to visiting a crackhouse for vitamins - Dixy Chicken has struck a blow for eating in the real world: a world free from tiny portions laid out artistically on plates 'drizzled' with balsamic vinegar.
A FAMILY has been kicked out of their home as the police succeeded in closing down another Teesside crackhouse.
POLICE last night closed down a crackhouse on Anglesey following a long investigation into drug dealing and abuse.
He said Dismas officials have worked with the district attorney's office to close a local crackhouse and Dismas residents have worked on a community garden and neighborhood cleanup