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A regional slang term for crack cocaine smokers
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The iconic Cracker Jack "a prize in every box" program was first introduced in 1912 as a way to bring fun and excitement to the Cracker Jack snacking experience.
If all goes as planned, said Beth Struckell, a vice president in charge of Cracker Jack, sales by 1999 should be four times the current $45 million.
Columbus-based Borden, which bought Cracker Jack in 1964, wants to focus on pasta and other grain-based foods.
vanilla ice cream 2 cups caramel corn and 1 cup salted roasted Spanish peanuts; or 3 cups Cracker Jack
It's reasonable that the Cracker Jack Company would preserve its good name in the marketplace by suing any other confectioner who sold something called crackerjack, or krakajak, or anything else remotely resembling the mark consumers associate with the Cracker Jack Company's excellent product.
Some lyrics were lifted from songs band member Nick Krill's now-deceased guitar-playin' grandpa penned on the inside of Cracker Jack boxes.
Cracker Jack was probably not the first caramel corn.
BOSTON -- When the Boston Red Sox open their season at Fenway Park on Good Friday (April 9), Catholic fans will have to settle for peanuts and Cracker Jack after the Boston archdiocese refused to change the no-meat-on-Fridays during Lent rule.
To jump into the material breach, I have had to fire up my old Cracker Jack decoder ring for what promises to be a very busy code and flu season.
Hayes recently nabbed Emmy gold; if he snags a Globe, TVs cracker Jack will have more than a bookend: Think earrings.
For some applications, the product itself may become little more than a Cracker Jack prize that helps sell a much more lucrative portfolio of services.
Frito-Lay's 1997 acquisition of Cracker Jack from Borden Foods was an example of the company's willingness to go beyond its traditional potato and corn chip products into new snacks, and the company has targeted other segments.