Cracker Jacks

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A regional slang term for crack cocaine smokers
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He called it Cracker Jack, borrowing from a contemporary idiom ("Cracker Jack" was a late-19th-century analog to today's "da bomb").
For shrimping conditions call any of the three bait and tackle shops near the pier: Yellow Bait Box, (321) 264-0996; Captain Hook's Bait and Tackle, (321) 268-4646; and Mosquito Lagoon Outfitters, (321) 267-1200 or Cracker Jack's Restaurant, (321) 264-5065
The same report, however, indicated that Frito-Lay was now going to invest marketing dollars in growing Cracker Jack because so many potential customers still remembered the old line from "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," about "Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack ..." Frito-Lay was smart enough to realize that the Cracker Jack brand still had some value and would be easier to resurrect than have the company start from scratch marketing a new name for caramelized popcorn.
The regular menu's mouthwatering favorites include its ballpark-inspired "bear dog'' -- any hot dog with peanut butter, smoked gouda, bacon, barbecue sauce and Cracker Jack snacks.
The Cracker Jack (R) Collection: Baseball's Prized Players is the 100th anniversary commemoration of one of the most extensive, treasured, and valuable collections of old baseball cards originally packaged inside Cracker Jack (R) snack boxes.
Strongman Morgyn the Mighty, recruited from the all-story Rover, provided the heroics along with Cracker Jack, the Wonder Whipman and Derek, not the sort of moniker you'd associate with the Wild Boy of the Woods, the Beano's own 14-year-old Tarzan.
As a bonus prize inside her Cracker Jack box of a book, Basinger also compares marriage movies and 1950s TV sitcoms." GLENN C.
Your mind wanders, torn between a box of Cracker Jack and the conversation drifting down from the row behind you.
last fall teamed up with PepsiCo's Frito-Lay division to celebrate the 100th anniversary of "a prize in every box" by giving consumers the chance to win the ultimate in-package Cracker Jack prize--a diamond ring valued at $1,000.
I pushed some of it aside and found in each box, buried within, not unlike the prize you find in a Cracker Jack box, a brand new flat screen computer monitor worth about $200 each.
"She looked at me sweetly and said, 'I don't need a fancy ring--you could give me a ring out of a Cracker Jack box, and I would be happy," recalls Benton.
Cracker Jack prizes were Jay Allen's first collection.