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com/heres-blackberry-passport-white) CrackBerry who claims it to be the real thing.
Crackberry has reported that the issue isn't originating from BlackBerry's end, leading to the belief that YouTube has some issue at its side.
According to a recent article at CrackBerry, Blackberry Messenger is considered successful as a chat app as compared to others.
First up, the popular CrackBerry forum first posted some images at a user had shared via Instagram, showing off the X10, or the N-Series as it is popularly known.
A forum member at CrackBerry, LopezZ10 has shared an easy guide to install the official BlackBerry 10.
According to CrackBerry, online retailers Best Buy and Future Shop are now accepting pre-orders for the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones.
0-inch A10 (ARISTO) smartphone is reportedly set to be unveiled with a moniker Z30 soon, said tech community blog CrackBerry.
The latest leaks, apparently from an internal BB 10 presentation, first splashed on CrackBerry forums include official-looking slides talking about BBM with video chat with face-to-face calls and screen-sharing.
BlackBerry A10 Specifications per the CrackBerry forum post:
com/blackberry-10-os-f269/enough-porn-z10-790056/) CrackBerry forum thread , BlackBerry Z10 users uploaded screenshots of their recent BBM updates, showing users that were found "listening to 'tube8.