Crack Pipe

A pipe used for boiling and inhaling drugs in freebase form, from crack cocaine to methamphetamine, DMT, heroin, 2-CT-7 or anything else that can be made into a freebase. Crack pipes do not burn the material being smoked, but rather heat it so it sublimes into vapour, which is inhaled
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The Libertines have released a dark video for new single, Heart of the Matter, which shows Pete Doherty offering a figure representing himself a crack pipe as a gang of voyeurs laugh.
The jury was also told that Piper beat Cassin when he found their little boy with a crack pipe in his mouth.
ROBERT Downey Jnr's son has been charged with drug possession after police allegedly saw him smoking from a crack pipe.
Last month, the troubled Toronto mayor had announced that he was planning to begin treatment for an alcohol problem after a new video showing him smoking a crack pipe surfaced.
Ford admitted that he smoked crack after police said they had obtained a video that appears to show him puffing on a crack pipe as part of an investigation into a friend of the mayor's.
Crack pipe line and replacement of different electrical items at govt.
Cook launched the crowd-funding campaign after men in Toronto showed him and two Toronto Star reporters a video of conservative Mayor Rob Ford smoking a crack pipe.
Eva, 48 - his wife of 20 years - was found dead with a crack pipe still in her hand at the sprawling 50-room mansion in posh Knightsbridge last July.
Eva, 48, his wife of 20 years, was found dead with a crack pipe in her hand at the mansion in Knightsbridge last July.
Push sticks are used to pack and position the filter or screen inside the crack pipe.
He could use a good, hard stint in Santa's sweatshop to toughen him up a bit and should swap the 'magic' flute for an MP3-playing crack pipe.
Johnny Blagrove and girlfriend Cara Burton, 22, were charged with offering to supply drugs after a video of Winehouse apparently smoking a crack pipe during a party at her home emerged.