Crack House

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An old, abandoned or burnt-out building often in US inner-cities where drug dealers and users buy, sell, produce and use illicit drugs, including, but not limited to, crack cocaine
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It appeared that van was a crack house on wheels," Lt.
I would like to pay tribute to the local residents who have been very courageous and the ward councillors who have assisted us in obtaining this crack house closure.
In Central Middlesbrough 18 crack houses have been closed, 46 ASBOs issued and 337 properties protected.
The operation in Pallister Park started lastweekwith a crack house raid backed by mounted police and air support.
Whether it's the Neighborhood Watch person calling the cops on a crack house on her street, or a church group painting over graffiti on walls, or a Neighborhood Codewatch member blowing the whistle on a code violator living in a rattrap down the block.
The government hopes that Liverpool's success will be repeated in Wirral which, ahead of today's announcement, has already imposed 11 Asbos and three dispersal orders and closed down one crack house.
5 kilograms of crack cocaine from a crack house at 147-149 Cedar Street in Springfield that was owned and operated by co-defendant Jose Merced.
I thought I had found a good place to sleep that night but ended up at what could only be described as an upscale crack house.
A similar story comes from Pacoima, California, where Yvonne Chan, founder of the Vaughn Learning Center (a charter school where the mostly minority student body is required to wear uniforms), repeatedly asked the police to shut down a crack house located adjacent to the school.
As CEO of the Banana Kelley Community Improvement Association, Rivera runs an agency that has rehabilitated over 2,000 apartments, planted vegetable gardens, and even rebuilt a crack house into a boarding school.
a crack house must be identified by neighborhood surveillance as a crack house]; it must impinge on the quality of life in the area; and police must be able to independently verify the problems.