Crack House

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An old, abandoned or burnt-out building often in US inner-cities where drug dealers and users buy, sell, produce and use illicit drugs, including, but not limited to, crack cocaine
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CLOSED: PC Paul Whiteley puts notices on the property in Starbeck Way, Ormesby, watched by Councillor Bill Ayre.The crack house will be boarded up for a minimum of three months after work by Redcar and Cleveland drugs unit
It is the first time a crack house eviction order, under anti social behaviour legislation, has been carried out on a private property in Wirral.
Deputy divisional commander Superintendent Josh Jones said: 'These premises were being used to sell Class A drugs on a regular basis, it was essentially a crack house.
Nationwide, 42 crack houses were closed and 20kgs of cocaine taken off the streets.
The crack house closure application, which was uncontested, had been displayed at O'Connor's flat since December 7.
The crack house was closed down after local residents gave evidence to police.
They worked with Stone Cross Neighbourhood Office to deal with the culprits and helped Sandwell Homes to achieve its first crack house closure.
Neighbours in Cymmer Street said they had noticed a huge difference since the closure order was placed on the crack house. Resident Jean Clatworthy, 71, said: 'We had a lot of bother and a lot of rows in the early hours.
Officers returned to two raided homes on Norton Road yesterday afternoon to issue crack house closure orders.
Officers made 39 arrests, 393 stop checks, seized five uninsured vehicles and closed down a crack house.
A shocking catalogue of crime and disorder at a Cardiff crack house can today be revealed for the first time.
From impersonating Tommy Cooper raiding a crack house to jokes about suicide bombers, he was class.