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Gerrard states 'An unguent made with the juice of Cowslip and the oil of Linseed, cureth all scaldings or burning with fire, water or otherwise'.
I remember a bank of cowslips growing by the roadside going towards Earth Balance, near Bedlington in Northumberland.
They'll be chopping up the likes of nettles, below, and cowslips to make tasty specialities for Sunday lunches between noon and 3pm.
The polyanthus group contains not only its namesake but also our wild primroses, oxlips and cowslips that seem to remind us of days gone by and its hardiness and ability to flower in late winter gives it its popularity.
All flowering plants, including cowslips, red clover, yarrow and yellow vetchling, will be collected over a one-year period and provide a snapshot of the changes over 150 years.
The book opens, quite extraordinarily, with a colour photograph of cowslips, and closes with Robert Frost's poem, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.
We thought it was absolutely wonderful playing in the field and picking cowslips.
They will be chopping up the likes of nettles and cowslips to make tasty specialities for Sunday lunches between 12pm and 3pm.
Henllan Conservation Group planting bee-friendly cowslips in St Sadwrn's churchyard
They were there to help the Parks Service lay specially developed turf full of wild flower seeds, including cowslips, buttercups, red campion and oxeye daisies, in Roath Park.
BLOOMING HISTORY: Project co-ordinator Jessica Harrison examines a field full of cowslips as part of Wildflower Ark's hunt to discover and to try to preserve East Cleveland's missing traditional wildflower meadows Picture by PETER BENN
Primulas are divided into three groups: candelabra, producing rings of flowers all the way up the stem that look great at the edge of a pond or in a shady glade; auricula, evergreen types that have been highly bred and have fantastic markings; and polyanthus, the most familiar group, which includes primroses and cowslips.