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William, English anatomist, 1666-1709. See: Cowper cyst, Cowper gland, Cowper ligament.
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Described as being a forerunner of Romantic poets, and hailed as changing the direction of 18th century nature poetry with his writings of everyday life and the English countryside, Cowper won praise from Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth.
The Small Cowper Madonna was painted by Raphael around 1505.
The boat will be put to the test when 72-year-old Mr Scott Cowper attempts his seventh transit of the Northwest Passage next year, up into the High Arctic to attempt another untried route.
Round the world yachtsman David Scott Cowper aboard Polar Bound | PADDY KILLER ART
The creation of State Training Providers (STP), formerly known as TAFEs, has changed the landscape of Western Australia s publicly funded training system, Mr Cowper said.
Cowper Powys John was the last of the trio of remarkable brothers - including Llewelyn Powys, the essayist, who died in 1939, and T F Powys, the novelist, who died in 1953.
Cowper Solutions specializes in helping advisors, consultants, and other entrepreneurs grow their businesses through the power of storytelling.
Today, the English poet William Cowper (1731-1800) is best known for a handful of short works, including the hymn "Light Shining out of Darkness" and the lyrics "Epitaph on a Hare" and "The Castaway" In his own time, Cowper first gained widespread recognition in 1785 with The Task, an extended meditation on domestic and country life.
Bolt, William Cowper (1778-1858): the life and influence of Australia's first parish clergyman, Bolt Publishing, Sydney, 2009, 514 pages; ISBN 9780 980357 95 0.
So it will probably fall to the Midlanders' first pair Luisa Cowper and Leyla Ogan and seconds Jess Jackson and Hannah James to try to salvage a crucial victory before they take on strugglers Leicestershire later today.
Lauriston Road, Walton; Gary Toohey, 48, of Underley Street, Wavertree; Angela Thompson, 32, of Daneville Road, Walton; Kelly Navis, 28, of Marlborough Road, Tuebrook; Nicola Morris, 24, of Stratchona Road, Wavertree; Lee Morris, 29, of Stratchona Road, Wavertree; Denise Morris, 49, of Stratchona Road, Wavertree; Kim Mills, 39, of Parliament Close, Toxteth; Luke Mills, 20, of Parliament Close, Toxteth; Matthew McElhinney, 25, of Cowper Way, Huyton; Gerrard McElhinney, 23, of Cowper Way,