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William, English anatomist, 1666-1709. See: Cowper cyst, Cowper gland, Cowper ligament.
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Ifs especially important to have a will if you have minor children because you can use the will to name a guardian for them," Cowper notes.
The Small Cowper Madonna was painted by Raphael around 1505.
21) Significantly for my hypothesis, Sutton was a Lincolnshire public figure of whom Cowper ("of Comberworthe in the County of Lincolne") might well have been aware.
The boat will be put to the test when 72-year-old Mr Scott Cowper attempts his seventh transit of the Northwest Passage next year, up into the High Arctic to attempt another untried route.
Round the world yachtsman David Scott Cowper aboard Polar Bound | PADDY KILLER ART
Mr Cowper thanked the local community for their "impressive" response to police pleas for information.
Especially interesting is how Knights draws comparisons between Sarah Cowper and other politically oriented women writers of the period such as Mary Astell, Mary Chudleigh, and Mary Wollstonecraft.
Cowper Powys, born at Shirley, Derbyshire, of Welsh ancestry, was the eldest of the 11 children of Rev C F Powys, who was vicar of Shirley, and Mary Cowper Johnson Powys, through whom he was related both to William Cowper and John Donne.
Cowper also took the award for the lowest aggregate despite Wynyard''s Robert Moon carding a 68.
Cowper Solutions specializes in helping advisors, consultants, and other entrepreneurs grow their businesses through the power of storytelling.
William Cowper arrived in Sydney 200 years ago in 1809 to become the first incumbent of the parish of St Phillip, Sydney.
Lauriston Road, Walton; Gary Toohey, 48, of Underley Street, Wavertree; Angela Thompson, 32, of Daneville Road, Walton; Kelly Navis, 28, of Marlborough Road, Tuebrook; Nicola Morris, 24, of Stratchona Road, Wavertree; Lee Morris, 29, of Stratchona Road, Wavertree; Denise Morris, 49, of Stratchona Road, Wavertree; Kim Mills, 39, of Parliament Close, Toxteth; Luke Mills, 20, of Parliament Close, Toxteth; Matthew McElhinney, 25, of Cowper Way, Huyton; Gerrard McElhinney, 23, of Cowper Way,