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William, English anatomist, 1666-1709. See: Cowper cyst, Cowper gland, Cowper ligament.
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10, 1937 in Smithland, Kentucky to the late William Malloy and Evangelene (Forman) Cowper.
Cowper suggests an estate-management checklist to make sure everything is in order--and, if you are lacking with any item on the list, a financial professional can help steer you in the right direction.
Traditionally, Cowper's syringocele has been known as a condition affecting pediatric population; however, it is rarely diagnosed in adults [4].
Scholars hope that placing the Small Cowper Madonna, with dimensions of 1' 11'' by 1'' 5'', and the similarly sized Northbrook Madonna side by side will provide a rare opportunity to study them both and perhaps finally suss out who it was that actually painted the latter.
(19) It was, as already noted, upon the flyleaves of S that Cumberworth, Lumley, and Cowper entered their indications of ownership.
Mr Scott Cowper was the first man to sail solo round the world in both directions and in 1980 completed the fastest circumnavigation of the globe in Ocean Bound.
The boat will be put to the test when 72-year-old Mr Cowper attempts his seventh transit of the Northwest Passage next year, up into the High Arctic via another untried route.
Chapter one "The Trial of Spencer Cowper" is focused on the murder of Sarah Stout, a Quaker.
Cowper Powys, born at Shirley, Derbyshire, of Welsh ancestry, was the eldest of the 11 children of Rev C F Powys, who was vicar of Shirley, and Mary Cowper Johnson Powys, through whom he was related both to William Cowper and John Donne.
Cowper also took the award for the lowest aggregate despite Wynyard''s Robert Moon carding a 68.