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An annual herb, the seeds of which contain saponins; it is analgesic, astringent, expectorant, laxative, and a secretagogue. It has been used for abscesses, chronic cough, headaches, menstrual disorders, paraesthesias, poor lactation in nursing mothers, and strokes
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"We don't spend that much time traveling, so that gives our staff more time to work with the athletes," says Cowherd. "We use that time to further develop relationships.
The poem that Chen Yi sets for the "Song of Weaving Maid and Cowherd" is written in the style of classical Chinese from the late second century.
Equally impressive is Teri Tao's second five volume series of 48-page illustrated paperbacks: "Legend Of The White Snake" (9781930655164, $5.99); "The Girl Who Cried On The Great Wall" (9781930655133, $5.99); "Cowherd boy And Weaver Girl" (9781930655027, $5.99); "The Girl Who Flew To The Moon" (9781930655034, $5.99); and "Lotus Lantern" (9781930655157, $5.99).
Barbara Cowherd and Arturo Rios, Jr., received Stetson law's Outstanding Alumni Representative Award for service to the Stetson Lawyers Association and encouraging alumni involvement in local activities.
ESPN Radio, the nation's largest sports radio network, offers fans expert analysis and commentary on shows such as "Mike and Mike in the Morning," "The Mike Tirico Show" and "The Herd with Colin Cowherd," in addition to the popular "Pardon the Interruption" and "Around the Horn." Now, fans will be able to take these shows when they are on-the-go through V CAST Mobile TV.
By Kevin Cowherd So that whole business about drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day is a lot of hooey?It doesn't really make you any healthier?
Beach's office is one of 300 rural health clinics in the state, notes Marti Cowherd, who sits on the board of the Missouri Association of Rural Health Clinics.
The programming includes "Mike and Mike in the Morning," "The Herd with Colin Cowherd" and "The Mike Tirico Show." Some might recall that 1190 AM had dropped sports talk for politics not too long ago.
To prove the insignificance of the sports blogosphere, ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd recently asked listeners to flood they website "The Big Lead" to overload its servers and crash the site.
Seniors Paul LeBlanc and Grant Cowherd each scored five goals, and freshman Edison Parzanese chipped in with two goals and a game-high five assists as the visiting Crusaders snapped a two-game losing streak.
It allows me to multi-task while I catch the days headlines, and enjoy the banter of Marc Moser on AM 950 the Fan, followed by Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio, and Jim Rome on the 950 the Fan at lunch.