Cowen, J.P.

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J.P., 20th century U.S. ophthalmologist.
Cowen sign - sign of Graves disease.
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BUNGLING Brian Cowen signed his own political death warrant last night after an election stroke backfired.
Merseyside-based firm Cowen Signs has started work on the project, which is due to be completed this month.
It must be remembered that Mr Cowen signed off on the DDDA borrowings for the disastrous EUR426million Irish Glass Bottle site deal.
The damning report has also revealed how Taoiseach Brian Cowen signed off on the purchase of the 25-acre site without a formal valuation being obtained when he was Finance Minister.
Taoiseach Brian Cowen signed off on the use of the jet at EUR2,950 an hour because he feared the Government would not have enough numbers to get the reshuffle through the Dail.
BRAVE& DUTIFUL Young garda had moved to Letterkenny to serve the force BRAVE & SYMPATHY Cowen signs condolence SO IN LOVE Gary with his girlfriend Shauna SYMPATHY Cowen signs condolence