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Surname of the family from which the condition subsequently known as Cowden disease was first reported.
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He was within walking distance of his old school, and many a summer afternoon he spent reading in the garden with Cowden Clarke, the son of his old schoolmaster, in whom Keats had found a friend.
Now among the books he read with his friend Cowden Clarke was a translation of Homer.
A fund has awarded Cowden's Japanese Garden money to fly four leading landscape experts from Japan for an event there later this month.
Dave was a member of Cowden Free Methodist Church where he was an active volunteer with various building and construction projects around the campground and facility.
Mark Cowden went on a drunken rampage in the Paisley Centre, subjecting Rehan Shafiq to a barrage of untrue allegations and insults.
Gary Bollan admits Cowden had to win to keep their play-off hopes alive after moving within nine points of fourthplaced Annan who beat his men last weekend.
Cowden was sworn in as chair and 11th Circuit Judge Beatrice Butchko has become vice chair.
Gary Bollan has ordered his Cowden stars to enjoy playing Hearts on Tuesday - and see what happens.
Cowden said he encourages them to consider the area of law that most interests them.<br />"I always tell them, if you have a real interest in something and you think it'd be fun, you're going to have a better job if you follow that, rather than the luck of the draw," said Cowden, a co-chair of Baker Sterchi Cowden & Rice in Kansas City.<br />Cowden points to his own experience as proof.
Background Appellant Mark Cowden, a lieutenant with the Hancock County Sheriffs Office, and other officers on duty at the HCSO station were preparing to process arrestee Ryan Hamrick.
N Walton, Cowden Burn, Wark realising PS89.50 with his run of 173 averaging a fantastic PS75.63.
Given the prior relevant surgical history of thyroidectomy for goiter and subcutaneous lipoma resection, the findings were felt to be in conjunction with previously undiagnosed Cowden syndrome.