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A derogatory term used as either an adjective or a noun
adjective Referring to a doctor who performs surgery, but isn’t fully qualified and is thus known as a 'cowboy surgeon'
noun A doctor who performs a type of surgery—e.g., a hair transplant—with little experience for the procedure
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1 volume seller in Texas) painted in legendary Cowboys helmet silver.
Starting on Monday, July 22, readers can enter the #KissACowboy contest by posting a picture of themselves kissing, or being kissed by a cowboy to the American Cowboy Facebook, Twitter (https://twitter.
Dallas Cowboys fans from Monterrey, Mexico - Jorge Millote Cantu, left, and Ulises Trevino - visit The Parks at Arlington Mall.
New magazines appeared that specifically catered to the niche of men who liked looking at images of gay cowboys.
The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association sanctions
And not all cowboy - and cowgirl - poets have rural roots, she said.
Before the cowboy singer took over as Country music's mascot in the 1930's, it was the mountain man of the 1920's, romanticized by novels and the "Great War" hero, Alvin "Tennessee Mountain Boy" York, that exemplified an earlier, rural, unfettered Anglo-Saxon America for a urban North, heavy with European immigrants.
Separating legend from fact often reveals that the many virtues and derring-do of cinematic cowboys and other Western characters, fiction or not, pale next to the attributes and exploits of real men.
Kaycee is the perfect picture of a small Western cowboy town.
Penney also will stock Cowboy merchandise in 400 stores elsewhere in the country, where half of all Cowboy licensed merchandise is sold, but on a non-exclusive basis.
The cowboy poems are reportedly often humorous, narrative verses that celebrate the natural beauty and history of Missouri.