Alexandre, French obstetrician, 1873-1948. See: Couvelaire uterus.
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In abruption placenta group, Couvelaire uterus was seen in 2 (3.6%) cases.
Retroplacental blood may penetrate through the thickness of the wall into the peritoneal cavity, a phenomenon known as Couvelaire uterus.
In this series of cases, there was no maternal death reported; couvelaire uterus was detected in 18 women with placental abruption who gave birth by caesarean section; and caesarean hysterectomy was done in 13 cases of placenta previa (12 for placental adherence and one for intractable postpartum haemorrhage).
In 4 (3.3%) patients, abruptio placentae (couvelaire uterus) associated with hypofibrinogenaemia required large quantities of blood and blood products before and during the surgery.
Directed by Louis-Pascal Couvelaire. Screenplay, Luc Besson, Gilles Malencon, based on the comic book character created by Jean and Philippe Graton.
Although Couvelaire reported his efforts at bladder substitution in 1951, 4 decades would pass before this method would gain enthusiasm (Hendren, 1997).
Maternal complications include haemorrhagic shock, DIC, renal failure, ischaemic necrosis of distal organs, couvelaire uterus leading to PPH.