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Etymology: L, opinari, to suppose
1 (in law) a statement by the court, usually in writing, of the reasoning behind its decision or judgment in a particular case.
2 a statement prepared for a client by an attorney that represents the attorney's understanding of the law as it pertains to a legal question posed by the client.


A term of art used in clinical studies for judgement and/or the advice provided by an independent ethics committee to sponsors and regulatory bodies


n in the law of evidence, an inference or conclusion drawn by a witness from information known to him or her or assumed.

Patient discussion about opinion

Q. Looking for anyone that would like to share information or opinions regarding Fibromyalgia? Do you believe in Fibromyalgia? What are the symptoms? Any good treatments?

A. i have a close friend that suffers from that illness. i have to say that when you look at it from the side it's hard to understand the pain and suffer that involved in this. at first i couldn't see it from her point of view,and i ashamed to say i didn't believe her...
but it took me a while to see that this is a true pain and frustrating it is. it's important to take in mind that poeple that does not suffer from Fybromyalgia have hard times understanding it.

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TNA: The court opinion talks endlessly about the supposed secular potential for the Ten Commandments monument, in contrast with a holy or religious purpose.
The district court in Alien agreed with the majority and concurring Tax Court opinions in Redlark and ruled that the temporary regulation was invalid.
If a taxpayer signs a Form 870 that partially or wholly concedes an issue, and within two years of paying the resulting deficiency a taxpayer-favorable court opinion is issued, the taxpayer may file a refund claim with respect to that issue.
The Tax Court opinion was reviewed by the entire court, producing a 15-2 split.
org, where the Appeals Court opinion can be reviewed in its entirety.
Based on the text of the court opinion, it appears that the Von-Lusk limited partnership had no employees, and conducted its business through the general partner's obtaining the services of independent contractors, who provided lobbying, engineering and architectural services and would meet with government officials.
Judge Buhl based his decision on the criteria established by the Michigan Legislature according to the United States Supreme Court opinion in Daubert v.
The Tax Court opinion does not provide any guidance as to how much time must pass between incurring a liability and its payment to create a purported distortion of income on deduction of that full liability.
A recent Tax Court opinion held that full compliance with the reporting requirements for certain charitable contributions of property was not necessary to claim a deduction under Sec.
On June 23, 2004 the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, however, reversed the District Court opinion and determined that the basis for dismissal was improper.
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