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A term of art used in clinical studies for judgement and/or the advice provided by an independent ethics committee to sponsors and regulatory bodies
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Q. Looking for anyone that would like to share information or opinions regarding Fibromyalgia? Do you believe in Fibromyalgia? What are the symptoms? Any good treatments?

A. i have a close friend that suffers from that illness. i have to say that when you look at it from the side it's hard to understand the pain and suffer that involved in this. at first i couldn't see it from her point of view,and i ashamed to say i didn't believe her...
but it took me a while to see that this is a true pain and frustrating it is. it's important to take in mind that poeple that does not suffer from Fybromyalgia have hard times understanding it.

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Supreme Court opinions, contact your wire service, database, or the Supreme Court Opinion Network at 312-988-6126 or 6135.)
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TNA: The federal circuit court opinion makes a lot of hay out of the fact that some people have gathered around the Ten Commandments monument to pray, implying that this prayer has a negative impact on the administration of Justice.
Unfortunately, however, the state obtained a reversal of the district court opinion on appeal to the federal court of appeals for the second circuit.
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Until then, the Tax Court opinion in Redlark, along with Kikalos, probably still constitute "substantial authority" to take the position that deficiency interest properly allocable to a trade or business (and possibly investment income) is deductible.
Thus, if a government-favorable court opinion is issued after the parties close the case, it is unlikely the agent will reopen it.
Citing the Tax Court opinion in Frontier Savings, 87 TC 665,678 (1986), the IRS further noted in Rev.
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The Tax Court opinion was reviewed by the entire court, producing a 15-2 split.