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verb An obsolete Middle English term meaning to exude, as in eczema; it is not used in the working medical parlance.
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low-energy emission therapy



An alternative treatment for sleep disorders in which the oral mucosa is stimulated by low-wattage electromagnetic fields.
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Altrincham Court Leet, first created more than 700 years ago when the town was given its charter and freedom to administer its own justice, was reformed after local government reorganisation when it became part of the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford.
Warwick Court Leet was established in 1554 to uphold law and order in the town, which involved making sure food and drink was fit for local people to consume.
And to illustrate a facet of life in 16th century Prescot, in 1580 the jurors of the Prescot Court Leet ordered: 'That there shall be no midden hereafter made, nor dung laid or cast in the streets or highways and that every tenant and in habiter shall every week carry away their muck and dung and not sweep the same into the streets...'
Warwick Court Leet's Ale Taster still organises an annual ceremonial tasting at pubs in the town.
This is believed to reference prosecutions by the Court Leet of people in breech of a statute that required the wearing of woollen caps on Sundays and holy days (to support the wool industry).
Coun Atkinson said the idea to replicate the cross and place the original in the nearby Court Leet Gardens was raised ten years ago when a replica would have cost around pounds 20,000.
Ryan Geraghty, 21, of Court Leet, Binley Woods, admitted driving in excess of a 40mph speed limit.
FREEMEN of Llantrisant are "coming home" to the old town on Friday, May 10, for this year's Annual Court Leet Dinner at Llantrisant RFC Clubhouse.
George Lodder worked with a wealthy Henley-in-Arden benefactor, WJ Fieldhouse, to reconstitute the Court Leet and the latter Ynanced the updating of its historic archives.
Linda Randell, owner of Linda Rose Lingerie, is organising a team of Alcester business people to take part in the Court Leet's Pancake Race on Shrove Tuesday, February 28.
||AN open studio event is being held at the Court Leet Studio at Court Farm, Long Marston, featuring sculptures by Rachel Higgins and paintings by James Fotheringhame.
At a special Court Leet ceremony in the Guild Hall, guests welcomed 16 new applicants.