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(ko͝or′nănd, -nənd, kōōr-näN′), André Frédéric 1895-1988.
French-born American physician. He shared a 1956 Nobel Prize for developing cardiac catheterization.
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I decided to continue with cardiology the next year and got a chance to work back at Bellevue with the father of cardiac catheterization, Andre Cournand, just before he won a Nobel Prize.
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In the early 1940's, after decades of experiments by researchers, Andre Cournand, working in New York with Hilmert Ranges and Dickinson Richards, began utilizing right heart catheterization on a regular basis in the undertaking of a comprehensive investigation of cardiac function in both normal and diseased patients.
At Bellevue Hospital in New York, Andre Cournand and Dickinson Richards had begun cooperative studies in 1932 examining the heart, lungs, and central circulation.
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Shi's abstract is a finalist in the Cournand and Comroe Young Investigators Award competition.