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A series of two consecutive premature ventricular contractions.
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This was a bold figure of speech, but not exactly the right thing; for, unhappily, the pat opening had slipped away--even couplets from Pope may be but "fallings from us, vanishings," when fear clutches us, and a glass of sherry is hurrying like smoke among our ideas.
His stanza combinations reproduce all the well-proportioned grace of his French models, and to the pentameter riming couplet of his later work he gives the perfect ease and metrical variety which match the fluent thought.
'cause she can walk and talk and sing and dance, and yours can't do anything, can she?" asked Jamie with pride, as he regarded his Pokey, who just then had been moved to execute a funny little jig and warble the well-known couplet
What is ironic is that the Indian writer Arundhati Roy recites Faiz's and other Urdu poets' couplets. Roy is not even Hindi speaking from North India.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 05 (ANI): From poetry to divinity, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made sure that her maiden Budget speech on Friday was interspersed with couplets and quotes.
Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng defended today a pair of red-and-black Chinese calligraphy couplets in his office, telling critics these were standard festive greetings.
Normally speakers start their speeches with popular couplets to set the tone for explaining their agenda with an objective to motivate the audience to listen and give a nod in agreement with what they would present before them.
Table 1 Patient Population Guidelines from 2007 Recommendations in 2010 Healthy mother-baby 1 nurse to 3-4 couplets 1 nurse to 3 couplets Cesarean birth Same level of care as No more than 2 couplets on a patient having major day one abdominal surgery
Foot Couplets I do not make any apology For this study in philology It's for your own inspection Or to alter the inflection These are the plain facts Phraseology but no syntax I never meddle round the rim Or edge borders of synonym A palindrome there and back To level out all the slack A diversion not a detour A remedy but not a cure The verb to cure is preserved And quite simply not inferred If there's any irony inside There's no recourse to deride This will never satiate a greed But may well amuse to read.
Couplets, prose poems, letters, a series of imagined postcards: these are a few of the shapes in which Korean-born professor and poet Jennifer Kwon Dobbs embeds the fragmentary images of her verse.
New York, May 16 -- A life size statue of Tamil poet and savant Thiruvalluvar who gave the famous couplets 'Thirukkural' was unveiled in Tamil Christian Church in Middle Village, Queens, New York by Dr VG Santhosam, prominent industrialist of Chennai and President of World Tamil Association.
In order to celebrate the coming Year of the Dog on the lunisolar calendar, New Taipei City has released a series of spring festival couplets.