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A civil suit initiated by a defendant to an action against the plaintiff or his attorney asserting that the original action was without reasonable or probable cause—i.e., ‘frivolous’—and motivated by malice—improper motive—or that the lawsuit ended in the favour of a physician who nonetheless suffered damage to his reputation, non-compensatory losses or other
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The countersuit lays much of the blame for the business failure at the feet of Blackstreet, noting that Mr.
org/iprights/, along with a copy of the countersuit.
Meloni hit back at the countersuit, dismissing Gaga's lawyer's argument as "one of the most ridiculous I've heard in 30 years" because the producer never pitched himself as a talent agent.
In addition to unfair competition and fraudulent business claims, the countersuit accuses eBay of copyright infringement and using misleading advertising on Google Inc to run ads for its rival Kijiji site that appeared to be Craigslist ads.
Alvarado's countersuit, which pits the small independent hospital against the insurance giant, claims that Blue Shield pays other hospital networks in the San Diego area twice as much per patient day; and those stand-alone hospitals are particularly vulnerable to Blue Shield's predatory pricing policies and take-it-or-leave-it negotiating tactics.
The prince, meanwhile, said he decided to withdraw his countersuit against the premier.
But in a countersuit, Seagal is suing Valentin for "threats and blackmail".
The 64-day trial arose as a countersuit by Lloyd's Name Sir William Jaffray against legal action by Lloyd's to collect his unpaid debts to the Society of Lloyd's.
the worldwide leader in email and Web security appliances, today announced it has filed a countersuit in the Court for the Central District of California against Trend Micro.
has filed a countersuit claiming two Rogers businessmen committed fraud and defamation.
Even without the countersuit, Oregon's position is clear.
The corn refiners' countersuit charges that the objective of The Sugar Association's actions was to enhance sugar company profits by causing "food and beverage manufacturers to replace high fructose corn syrup with processed sugar.