countercurrent distribution

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count·er·cur·rent dis·tri·bu·tion

a method of separation of two or more substances by repeated distribution between two immiscible liquid phases that move past each other in opposite directions; a form of liquid-liquid chromatography.
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Although punicalagin has not been synthesized yet, the successful preparative separation of punicalagin from crude ethanol extract of pomegranate by high-speed countercurrent chromatography has been described in reported paper, in which 105 mg of punicalagin was separated from about a 350 mg amount of the crude extract with high purity (Lu et al.
A few examples of specific topics include solubility studies of uranium(IV) by laser- induced breakdown detection, structure and stability of peroxo complexes of uranium and plutonium in carbonate solution, thermochromatographic adsorption studies of curium and berkelium, properties of minor actinide compounds relevant to nuclear fuel technology, separation of uranium and plutonium by the method of countercurrent chromatography, and tuning the superconducting behavior of the PuTGa5 compounds.
The three reviews provide forward-think analyses of the advances in some of the most difficult problems in chromatography, including countercurrent chromatography for protein separations, column switching sample preparation and aqueous normal-phase chromatography with silica hydride stationary phases.