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William T., U.S. pathologist, 1854-1933. See: Councilman body.
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Councilmember Ron Alexander, a constitutional lawyer, finally changed sides to join Fritschel and Orris.
WIMG); Greg Pettis, councilmember, Cathedral City, Calif.
During the Annual Membership Meeting, members elected Deborah Delgado, councilmember, Hattiesburg, Miss.
We need to tell our councilmembers, supervisors and school boards that Saturday night specials don't belong in our neighborhoods, our streets, our homes or our schools.
Ling-Ling Chang, councilmember, Diamond Bar, Calif.
Councilmembers voting against the package were Sal F.
At-large members are: Anderson Ayala, councilmember, Bridgeport, Conn.