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William T., U.S. pathologist, 1854-1933. See: Councilman body.
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Tito Rodriguez, councilmember, North Richland Hills, Texas
With the Edmond case as ammunition, Orris began fighting a similar battle in Stow against other city councilmembers to remove the Christian cross and Bible from Stow's official seal.
Baseball remains a prime gateway for smokeless tobacco and hooking young people in its use, and that's why this motion that we are so strongly supporting can make a big difference," said Councilmember Koretz.
In 1986, Councilmember Guarriello became a member of the Board of Directors of the West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation (WHCHC), a non-profit corporation which rehabilitates run-down housing and builds new apartment buildings to increase the supply of affordable housing in West Hollywood.
At-Large members are: Karen Kellen, councilmember, Lakewood, Colo.
Vice Chair C Cynthia Mangini, councilmember, Enfield, Conn.
Advisory Council members (past HELO presidents) are: Richard Alarcon, councilmember, Los Angeles; Luis Quintana, councilmember, Newark, N.
Even if only one student from the District is accepted to college as a result of this trip, the experience of meeting with admissions counselors, and exploring opportunities beyond high school will be invaluable," said Councilmember Brown.
The organization elected Mayor Ralph Becker of Salt Lake City, Utah to serve as NLC's 2015 president, Councilmember Melodee Colbert Kean of Joplin, Mo.
APAMO also honored outgoing Board Members Otto Lee, councilmember, Sunnyvale, Calif.
The state of California voted to allow marijuana for medical purposes," says West Hollywood City Councilmember Abbe Land.