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cough drop

A small, often medicated and sweetened lozenge taken orally to ease coughing or soothe a sore throat.
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Q. can you take cough drops while your pregnant

A. there are many kinds of cough syrups/drops/pills. and all of them contains different materials, some have codeine in it and that is not a good choice during pregnancy. but the best thing to do is ask the pharmacist that sells the medicine. their job is to know those things. you can also read the pamphlet that comes with the medicine.

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Fortunately, Vicks Cough Drops has been our trusty companion providing long lasting relief from throat irritation.
James Taylor, described as having "'an interest in complementary medicines," stated that "'any soothing cough drop might work equally well'" ("Experts Divided on Honey Rx for Coughs," January 2008, p.
James Taylor, described as having "'an interest in complementary medicines," stated that "any soothing cough drop might work equally well" ("Providers Skeptical About Honey for Cough Study Findings," Jan.
However, many are more concerned about the continued decline in sales of cough drops and cough syrups.
Cadbury, with brands like Dairy Milk chocolate, Trebor mints and Hollywood and Dandy gum, will gain Adams' Trident and Dentyne chewing gums, Bubblicious bubble gum, Halls cough drops, Certs mints and Clorets breath fresheners.
New Luden's Black Cherry cough drops and new Luden's Honey Citrus cough drops control coughs, soothe throats, and cool nasal passages.
Cough drops can be used by children six and older who understand not to swallow or chew cough drops.
In fact, koalas smell just like eucalyptus cough drops from eating all those leaves.
Raindrops kept falling on her head and cough drops kept going down her throat but Steffi Graf refused to let anything stop her remaining the queen of Wimbledon.
Similarly, the smaller pack sizes of such products as tissues and cough drops are welcome additions to checkstands or front-end merchandiser "care package" solutions.
LIST PRICE CHANGES BY UPPER RESPIRATORY SUB-CATEGORY UR Liquids 215 UR Tablets 188 Cough Drops 104 External 54 Nasal 51 Source: CPR Database, January 2015--December 2016 Note: Table made from bar graph.