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A popular term for an older woman (30s to 50s) who sexually pursues younger men
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The Cougars continue the three-game series with Beloit on Thursday night with first pitch scheduled for 6:30.
Fish and Wildlife Service, cougars were once the most widely distributed land animal in the Western Hemisphere but have been eliminated from about two-thirds of their historic range.
"We recommend people avoid some areas likely have cougars at dawn (and) dusk, hike in pairs.
When Cougar was awarded the support services contract for Hibernia Management & Development Company (HMDC) in 1995, it relocated its head office and constructed a new heliport, hangar and office complex in St.
A WOMAN was killed and a man badly injured in a cougar attack as they were on a bike ride.
Wildlife officials said it was only the second fatal cougar attack
WESTFIR - A cougar was shot and killed Sunday at Casey's Riverside RV Park in Westfir after it had spent at least a week prowling around the mobile home portion of the park, residents said Thursday.
In California, by statewide referendum, cougars have been protected as a non-game species for more than 30 years.
This year, the Outlaws were the only English side to beat the table-topping Cougars and they did that home and away.
''It's a known fact that dispersing tom cougars will go hundreds, if not thousands of miles as they search for a habitat in which they can settle down in the company of females and call home,'' said Morse, who is planning a lecture on the topic Jan.