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A popular term for an older woman (30s to 50s) who sexually pursues younger men
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Wolfer issued some guidelines to follow to avoid cougars. 
Typically, articles that profile Cougar Helicopters will focus on the company's reliable, consistent air service for the offshore oil & gas industry.
Sgt Abbott said when rescuers arrived it took them about 30 minutes to locate the second victim, who was dead with the cougar standing on top of him.
An OSP wildlife trooper responded, didn't issue any citations and took the cougar's carcass.
A cougar will cover a natural kill for an eventual return, but unlike the leopard, it will not feed on carrion, so baiting is not a likely option.
-- A Vermont animal tracker known nationally for her expertise in tracking cougars believes the big cats will eventually return to the Northeastern United States and neighboring parts of Canada, but she says the region won't see large numbers of them anytime soon.
THE LAKOTA CALLED THE animal igmu tanka, "the great cat." Puma concolor is its official taxonomic designation, but it has gone by many other names through the centuries: cougar, catamount, puma, wildcat, panther, shadow cat, painter.
Influence of vegetation, topography, and roads on cougar movement in southern California.
* ILLINOIS: Three confirmed sightings, with the most unusual being the 2008 shooting of a cougar in the suburbs of Chicago.
* American Cougar Convention, Saturday, July 13, 2013, 7:30pm, at Volume Seattle, 172 S Washington St, Seattle WA.