Cotunnius, Domenico Felice Antonio

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(Contugno), Domenico Felice Antonio, Italian anatomist, 1736-1822.
aqueductus cotunnii - a bony canal of the petrous portion of the temporal bone, giving passage to the endolymphatic duct and a small vein. Synonym(s): aqueduct of vestibule; Cotunnius aqueduct; Cotunnius canal
Cotunnius aqueduct - Synonym(s): aqueductus cotunnii
Cotunnius canal - Synonym(s): aqueductus cotunnii
Cotunnius disease - pain in the lower back and hip radiating down the back of the thigh into the leg now known to usually be due to herniated lumbar disk compromising the L5 or S1 root. Synonym(s): sciatica
Cotunnius liquid - the fluid contained within the osseus labyrinth. Synonym(s): liquor cotunnii; perilymph
Cotunnius space - the dilated blind extremity of the endolymphatic duct. Synonym(s): endolymphatic sac
liquor cotunnii - Synonym(s): Cotunnius liquid
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