Cotton test

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Cotton test

A manual stress test used to identify the amount of lateral translation of the talus within the ankle mortise. The examiner stabilizes the proximal ankle while shifting the talus laterally. A positive test is marked by increased motion relative to the uninvolved side and is indicative of a sprain of the distal tibiofibular syndesmosis or the subtalar joint.
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see suture (3, 4), gossypium.

cotton bush (commercial cotton)
plant Gossypium spp. in the family Malvaceae; seeds contain gossypol, a toxic phenol which causes cardiomyopathy, hepatopathy and edema in all organs.
cotton seed meal
meal or cake residue after extrusion of oil; used as livestock feed but toxic because of presence of gossypol.
cotton test
a test of vision in animals; a piece of cotton is dropped within the field of vision. A dog or cat with normal vision will follow the cotton as it descends.
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