Cotton Rat

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A popular animal model first used in polio research, which is a model of choice for research in measles—paramyxovirus—herpes simplex, influenza—orthomyxovirus—HIV-1, respiratory syncytial virus, and adenovirus-based gene replacement research
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We used quantile regression to describe shifts in the distribution of cotton rat density in relation to grass cover.
Densities of cotton rats did not vary predictably with cover provided by King Ranch bluestem (P [greater than or equal to] 0.
Summary of correlations between significant discriminating variables and other variables included in the discriminant function analyses comparing traps that captured cotton rats (Sigmodon hispidus) with empty traps, traps that captured white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus) with empty traps, and traps that captured cotton rats with traps that captured white-footed mice.
For example, the success of the common kingsnake in capturing a cotton rat in June corresponds to this snake's seasonal peak of activity (21).
One factor facilitating the northward range expansion of hispid cotton rats has likely been a switch to occupancy of deeper burrows that extend below the frost line (Dunnum 2002).
Specifically, Flannery compared the percentages of the presence of cotton rat, kangaroo rat, and deer mouse in the Early Ajuereado time period (30,000 B.
Studies in the Cotton Rat that show Viprovex enhances the efficacy and safety of Roche's Tamiflu(r), a neuraminidase inhibitor used to combat influenza which is stockpiled by governments around the world to treat potential pandemic avian influenza outbreaks.
10 CELL testing the technique on hundreds of cotton rats and successfully inserting the healthy human CFTR gene into epithelial cells lining the animals' lungs.
DISCUSSION--If bobcats were consuming prey according to availability, the order of consumption based on density would be kangaroo rats, packrats, pocket mice, jackrabbits, cotton rats, and rabbits.
Mexican spiny pocket mouse, white-footed mouse [Peromyscus leucopus] and hispid cotton rat [Sigmodon hispidus]) that were recaptured frequently enough to permit calculation of the Mean Maximum Distance Moved (MMDM).
Pathogenesis of human metapneumovirus lung infection in BALB/c mice and cotton rats.
This specimen represents the second yellow-nosed cotton rat reported from Presidio County, and the first taken in the Trans-Pecos region from habitat of this description in a non-montane area.