Jules, French neurologist, 1840-1887. See: Cotard syndrome.
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He was diagnosed with Cotard's syndrome - also known as walking corpse syndrome - and believed he was dead.
En Cotard: et secuestrador (fragmentos de una novela) de Jorge Luis Herrera (Ciudad de Mexico, 1978), publicada por Libros del Marques, ese uno son multiples seres que andan en lo intangible, deambulan en lo irrecuperable y son aptos para habitar en el vacio, la nada, la desolacion.
Furthermore, Cotard syndrome comprises a delusion in which the subject believes he is dead or does not exist; a denial of self-existence within a severe melancholic depression.
Neurologists and other researchers from Europe and the US discuss Ganser syndrome; Cotard syndrome; Capgras syndrome and other delusional misidentification syndromes; De Clerambault syndrome, Othello syndrome, Folie C deux, and variants; Couvade syndrome; possessions; conversion, factitious disorder, and malingering; Munchausen syndrome; camptocormia; glossolalia and aphasia; violent behavior; culture-specific hyperstartle-plus syndromes; the dancing manias or mass psychogenic illness; and the Alice-in-Wonderland syndrome.
De manera infrecuente, se han descrito casos de delirios erotomaniacos, delirio de parasitosis, sindromes de Cotard y alucinaciones auditivas (54).
In fact, the melancholy individual often considers himself as a living dead, this experience being present in the first level of the Cotard syndrome.
Pfuhlmann, "Delusional paralysis: An unusual variant of Cotard's syndrome," Psychopathology, vol.
Some specific forms of delusions such as the Cotard syndrome (implying nihilistic delusions, hypochondriacal delusions, and delusions of immortality) [10-12], Capgras syndrome (including having the conviction that a family member or friend has been replaced by another), and Othello syndrome (being described as a delusional jealousy) have further been named [13,14], the latter showing an association with dopamine agonist therapy and an improvement after its reduction.
In a patient experiencing both dysmetropsia and Cotard's syndrome, a large cortical grey matter hyperintensity in T2 in the right temporal-parietal-occipital lobe with gyriform gadolinium enhancement on T1 was found in the acute phase and disappeared with the resolution of symptoms [20].
The central character of Synecdoche, Caden Cotard (Philip Seymour Hoffman), is a theater director who wants to create a play that will fully represent the truth of his own life.