costomediastinal recess

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cos·to·me·di·as·ti·nal re·cess

the recess of the pleural cavity between the costal cartilages and the mediastinum.


a small, empty space or cavity.

costodiaphragmatic recess
the largest of the pleural recesses, lying between the diaphragm and the thoracic wall into which the basal border of the lung encroaches during inspiration.
costomediastinal recess
a pleural recess between the mediastinum and costal wall into which the ventral border of the lung encroaches during inspiration.
hepatomesenteric recess
the part of the celomic cavity confined between the stomach and the right lobe of the liver, the vestibule of the omental bursa.
maxillary recess
a modified form of maxillary sinus in the dog. It communicates with the ventral nasal meatus.
mesenterico-enteric recess
a pouch of the omental bursa.
neurohypophyseal recess
the pouch of the third ventricle that protrudes into the stalk of the pituitary gland.
pharyngeal recess
dorsal and caudal to the orifice of the auditory tube in the pharynx of the ruminant.
pleural recess
one of the potential spaces within the thorax where two layers of parietal pleura lie in close apposition. The borders of the lung extend into the pleural recesses during inspiration; pleural effusions fill them.
pyriform recess
paired gutters which run beside the anterior projection of the larynx and below the epiglottis, into the pharynx.
supraomental recess
formed by the caudal suspensions of the omentum to the rumen and dorsal abdominal walls in the ruminant abdomen.
terminal recess of the kidney
tubular extensions of the renal pelvis of horses which receive collecting ducts.