James B., U.S. otolaryngologist, 1895-1962. See: Costen syndrome.
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Staff member Lena Buccelli Costen cataloged the new collection and aided in the preparation of a book with tips and creative suggestions for achieving the perfect confection.
We thank Fran Murphy, Hubert Wilson, Judith Wainwright and Vanessa Constant for their assistance with the excavation at Carn Menyn in 2012; Rob Ixer and Richard Bevins for advice on geological sources; Ralph Fyfe for advice on the environmental samples; Debra Costen and Anne Buffoni for processing the soil samples and identifications of the charcoal; and Stephen Hoper for assistance with the radiocarbon dating.
In The Archaeology of Mobility: Old World and New World Nomadism, Costen Advanced Seminar 4, ed.
Eleanor Joel, 39, and 41-yearold Jonathan Costen were handed a two-year suspended term and ordered to do 240 hours of community service.
Corsun and Costen (2001) suggested that women might positively use their gender to create social capital in the workplace, though they suggested that such strategies might be limited and, in turn, lead to further negative effects.
Wayne Costen, who has learning difficulties, spent eight years trying to find a job but 12 months after he registered at Remploy the 26-year-old from Ernesford Grange has just started at Parcelforce.
Daniel Addison, Isaac Costen, Crafton Dulaney, Walter Dulaney, James Frisy, Caleb Jones, Patrick Kennedy, Phillip Barton Key were appointed as company captains, and Isaac Atwood as regimental surgeon.
A 'Sindrome de Costen', hoje Disfuncao Temporomandibula (DTM), foi divulgada em 1934 por James Costen, o qual mencionou que mudancas nas condicoes dentais provocavam sintomas otologicos (POVEDA RODA et al.
Career detrimental stereotypes prevail for ethnic minority women in organisations as they struggle to fit into white Western organisations (Kamenou & Fearfull 2006), where there is a stalling of women and minorities in management (Corsun & Costen 2001).
Allen, John Abrahams, Nick Costen, Larry Hess, Mary Li, Timothy Miller, S.
David Costen - a doorman at the Bedrock Bar in the resort - last night told the Sunday Mirror how he witnessed the bust-up in the early hours of last Sunday.
SOUMATRE SUN (5-1) gave owner Alan Costen and trainer Bill Thomas unbridled joy when landing a Henlow A9 race.