James B., U.S. otolaryngologist, 1895-1962. See: Costen syndrome.
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Se decidio no partir de instrumentos previamente disenados como el DINESERV (Stevens, Knutson y Patton, 1995) y el DinEx (Antun, Fras, Costen y Runryan, 2010), ni de los propuestos por Weiss, Feinstein y Dalbor (2004), Kim y Han (2008), Heung y Ngai (2008), Kim, Joung, Yuan, Wu, y Chen (2009) y Chang, Chen, Hsu y Kuo (2010), con el proposito de identificar particularidades que pudieran no haberse contemplado en escalas anteriores.
The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) syndrome was first described by Costen in 1934.
This restyled building's aesthetically pleasing designs and decor are ready for the most 'Upscale' clientele and events," says Costen.
Evelyn Joel's daughter Eleanor, 41, and her 43-year-old partner Jonathan Costen denied the unlawful death.
Staff member Lena Buccelli Costen cataloged the new collection and aided in the preparation of a book with tips and creative suggestions for achieving the perfect confection.
In The Archaeology of Mobility: Old World and New World Nomadism, Costen Advanced Seminar 4, ed.
Findings in previous studies (Barrash & Costen, 2008; Walker, 1995) have indicated that although degree of satisfaction is correlated with experience, degree of satisfaction is also conditional.
Costen, Cliath and Woods (2002) in their study of 5,549 hotel managers in 552 properties found that minorities predominated in the housekeeping department and were least evident as General Managers, and Sales and Marketing Managers.
James Bray Costen an Otolaryngologist (1934), first time described a group of symptoms that centered on ear, TMJ and face, and named this group of symptoms as "Costen's Syndrome".
Corsun and Costen (2001) suggested that women might positively use their gender to create social capital in the workplace, though they suggested that such strategies might be limited and, in turn, lead to further negative effects.
Bachmann, 1991; Costen, Parker & Craw, 1996; Fiorentini, Maffei & Sandini, 1983; Nasanen, 1999).
Wayne Costen, who has learning difficulties, spent eight years trying to find a job but 12 months after he registered at Remploy the 26-year-old from Ernesford Grange has just started at Parcelforce.