cost-benefit analysis

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cost-benefit analysis (CBA)

a type of economic evaluation of medical care expense. It compares the expected monetary benefit derived from different health interventions with the expected cost of providing each of the interventions to determine the best or most profitable option.

cost-benefit analysis

Cost-benefit evaluation Clinical trials A form of economic analysis from a social perspective, in which the costs of medical care are compared with the economic benefits of the care provided, with both the costs and benefits being expressed in monetary units; the benefits evaluated include projected ↓ in future health care costs and ↑ earning as a result of the intervention of interest. Cf Cost-effectiveness analysis.

cost-benefit analysis,

n the comparative study of the service or production costs of a service or item and its value to the subject.

cost-benefit analysis

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All 50 states and the District of Columbia conducted at least one study between 2008 and 2011, a total of some 350 cost-benefit analyses, with the majority concentrated in 12 states.
Seth Borenstein, Youth Fare Better than Elderly in Bush Administration's Cost-Benefit Analyses, KNIGHT-RIDDER TRIBUNE/BUS.
Finally, research models addressed to career counseling will need to incorporate cost-benefit analyses as extensions of empirical studies of the outcomes of career counseling.
In comparing the deaths of adults prevented by airbags with the deaths of children caused by airbags, or in exploring countless other harms that might be mitigated through regulation, the real debate is not between rival cost-benefit analyses.
69) Sometimes, it might make sense for cost-benefit analyses to take irreversibility into account when the government's information is likely to improve.
It should be mentioned that not all cost-benefit analyses make this
The regulatory impact statements accompanying transfer regulations rarely include cost-benefit analyses or anything resembling them.
Cost-benefit analyses typically use a conventional unstratified approach, applying the same relative risks to all individuals in an at-risk age group, and assuming baseline disease or health care utilization rates to be uniform across large geographic areas.
He also directed agencies to conduct cost-benefit analyses to identify reforms that could be accomplished without additional legislation.
Other services offered by Presscott Associates include assisting Life Sciences and Technology companies with private payor discussions and coverage determinations; identifying appropriate procedure coding; developing and securing appropriate payment level(s) for targeted providers; determining the appropriate provider setting (the least restrictive environment) for the targeted new technology; generating cost-benefit analyses for various reimbursement approaches (e.
This view is supported by the recent cost-benefit analyses of it by Germanys IQWiG and UKs NICE, and the distinct lack of opinion leader enthusiasm about Exubera.
The company recommended the development of rigorous and credible cost-benefit analyses for several controls and diagnostics systems, as well as targeted market promotion and transformation activities.

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