cost-effectiveness analysis

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cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA)

a type of economic evaluation used to determine the best use of money available for medical care. It compares different kinds of interventions with similar, but not identical, effects on the basis of the cost per unit achieved.

cost-effectiveness analysis

Cost-utility analysis Clinical trials A form of economic analysis in which alternative interventions are compared in terms of the cost per unit of clinical effect–eg cost per life saved, per mm Hg of lowered BP, per yr of quality-adjusted life gained, etc Health care policy Analysis related to the effectiveness of therapies or interventions and their associated costs. Cf Cost-benefit analysis.


pertaining to cost-effective.

cost-effectiveness analysis
a comparison of the relative cost-efficiencies of two or more ways of performing a task or achieving an objective.
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The topic was referred as missing when the word/phrase "economic evaluation or cost analysis, cost effectiveness analysis, cost utility analysis and cost benefit analysis" is not mentioned anywhere in the book.
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Out of these, three articles covered cost effectiveness analysis,10-12 five articles provided costing of various services,13-17 two articles provided the quality of life of the patient of hepatitis B and quality of life of patient with hypertension in Pakistan18,19 and one article provided expenditure of family planning programme in Pakistan.
9 In addition, we find online resources on cost effectiveness analysis in health care on the web portal of International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcome research (ISPOR).
Answer: This type of analysis is more appropriately classified as cost effectiveness analysis rather than cost utility analysis as the ability of the test to accurately diagnose is the sensitivity of the test rather than the utility derived from the test.
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