cost-benefit analysis

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cost-benefit analysis (CBA)

a type of economic evaluation of medical care expense. It compares the expected monetary benefit derived from different health interventions with the expected cost of providing each of the interventions to determine the best or most profitable option.

cost-benefit analysis

Cost-benefit evaluation Clinical trials A form of economic analysis from a social perspective, in which the costs of medical care are compared with the economic benefits of the care provided, with both the costs and benefits being expressed in monetary units; the benefits evaluated include projected ↓ in future health care costs and ↑ earning as a result of the intervention of interest. Cf Cost-effectiveness analysis.

cost-benefit analysis,

n the comparative study of the service or production costs of a service or item and its value to the subject.

cost-benefit analysis

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For each of the real cases that follow, a simple cost/benefit analysis has been constructed, based solely on the actual legal and other liability expenses that resulted after a failure to conduct background checks, drug tests or other screening measures.
IBG has extensive experience evaluating and designing complex, large scale biometric projects - from technical requirements and detailed system design to cost/benefit analysis and policy evaluation," stated Michael Thieme, Senior Consultant, IBG.
As a result, PROMATIS developed an intuitive tool, which delivers quantifiable cost/benefit analysis by completing basic details regarding the scope of a particular project.
Framfab's consulting activities will include strategy consulting, project management, cost/benefit analysis and know-how transfer.