pillar cells

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pil·lar cells

cells forming the outer and inner walls of the tunnel in the spiral organ.
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Marquis Alfonso, Italian anatomist, 1822-1888.
Corti arch - the arch formed by the junction of the heads of Corti inner and outer pillar cells.
Corti auditory teeth - tooth-shaped formations or ridges occurring on the vestibular lip of the limbus lamina spiralis of the cochlear duct. Synonym(s): auditory teeth
Corti canal - Synonym(s): Corti tunnel
Corti cells - sensory cells in the organ of Corti in synaptic contact with sensory as well as efferent fibers of the cochlear (auditory) nerve. Synonym(s): cochlear hair cells
Corti ganglion - an elongated ganglion of bipolar sensory nerve cell bodies on the cochlear part of the vestibulocochlear nerve in the spiral canal of the modiolus. Synonym(s): spiral ganglion of cochlea
Corti membrane - a gelatinous membrane that overlies the spiral organ (Corti) in the inner ear. Synonym(s): tectorial membrane of cochlear duct
Corti organ - a prominent ridge of highly specialized epithelium in the floor of the cochlear duct. Synonym(s): spiral organ
Corti pillars - cells forming the outer and inner walls of the tunnel in the organ of Corti. Synonym(s): Corti rods; pillar cells; pillar cells of Corti
Corti rods - Synonym(s): Corti pillars
Corti tunnel - the spiral canal in the organ of Corti, filled with fluid and occasionally crossed by nonmedullated nerve fibers. Synonym(s): Corti canal
pillar cells of Corti - Synonym(s): Corti pillars
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