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Pensioner Frank Corti, pictured when he was a 16 year old boxer How burglar Gregory McCalium looked after his burglary
But Barloworld boss Claudio Corti bs elieves Thomas has yet to fully recover from a broken pelvis sustained during a high-speed crash in March.
Weber has requested six months in jail for then CEO Mario Corti, and suspended sentences of up to 18 months for the other 18 defendants.
Nineteen executives, including former CEOs Philippe Bruggisser and Mario Corti, will mount their defense in a Swiss court near Zurich, responding to a 100-page charge sheet submitted by prosecutors that includes accusations of false accounting and unlawful management.
Laurie Fusco, in collaboration with Gino Corti, has produced a monumental and definitive study on the antiquarian ambitions of Lorenzo de' Medici, the notes providing a dazzling array of information about his fellow collectors.
Il libro si compone di sette brevi saggi che hanno come comune denominatore, appunto, la complessa trama della vita culturale nelle corti dell'Italia centrale durante il Rinascimento.
According to the charges, former Swissair CEO and chairman Mario Corti will also have to face accusations of having misinformed shareholders before the collapse in October 2001.
Corti introduce rational and nearly rational varieties, looking both at their internal geometry and at the thorny problem of showing that particular varieties are not rational.
Amit Doshi and Lou Corti negotiated this transaction;
The company was formed by managing director Kevin Corti and technical director Suraj Rana in 2002, and now employs nine people at premises on Coventry University Technology Park.
Maria Corti, to whom the present volume is dedicated, opened a series of interpretative paths--let us recall, for example, Dualismo e immaginazione visiva in Guido Cavalcanti (1950) and La felicita mentale (1983)--by putting Cavalcanti in the frame of a free, lay culture, rather detached from theology.
Another announcement of tenants will be made three to four months from now, said partner Al Corti.