corrugator supercilii muscle

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cor·ru·ga·tor su·per·ci·li·i mus·cle

(kōr'ŭ-gā'tŏr sū'pĕr-sil'ē-ī mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, from orbital portion of musculus orbicularis oculi and nasal prominence; insertion, skin of eyebrow; action, draws medial end of eyebrow downward and wrinkles forehead vertically; nerve supply, facial.
Synonym(s): musculus corrugator supercilii [TA] .


Volcher, Dutch surgeon and anatomist, 1534-1600.
Coiter muscle - draws medial end of eyebrow downward and wrinkles forehead vertically. Synonym(s): corrugator supercilii muscle
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The muscles in the forehead, such as the procerus and corrugator supercilli, often respond well to a few units of the medically prepared toxins, administered by shallow injection, and the 'relaxation' of such muscles can reduce the recipients ability to frown; thereby often giving a 'smoothing effect' to the area over its duration of action.
If they respond positively, then the corrugator supercilli muscle is removed during a small operation, which takes about 45 minutes.
Treatment usually begins with 10 MU into each corrugator supercilli and can be repeated as necessary.