corrugator supercilii muscle

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cor·ru·ga·tor su·per·ci·li·i mus·cle

(kōr'ŭ-gā'tŏr sū'pĕr-sil'ē-ī mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, from orbital portion of musculus orbicularis oculi and nasal prominence; insertion, skin of eyebrow; action, draws medial end of eyebrow downward and wrinkles forehead vertically; nerve supply, facial.
Synonym(s): musculus corrugator supercilii [TA] .


Volcher, Dutch surgeon and anatomist, 1534-1600.
Coiter muscle - draws medial end of eyebrow downward and wrinkles forehead vertically. Synonym(s): corrugator supercilii muscle
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After obtaining the parameter emotional arousal, it is proceeded to obtain the value of valence, from the electrical activation of facial muscles (corrugator supercilli and zygomaticus mayor).
The muscles in the forehead, such as the procerus and corrugator supercilli, often respond well to a few units of the medically prepared toxins, administered by shallow injection, and the 'relaxation' of such muscles can reduce the recipients ability to frown; thereby often giving a 'smoothing effect' to the area over its duration of action.
This compared to "genuine pleaders", who activated their inner frontalis and "corrugator supercilli", located between the eyebrows, which caused them to frown and furrow their brow in a genuine "an expression of distress".
If they respond positively, then the corrugator supercilli muscle is removed during a small operation, which takes about 45 minutes.
Treatment usually begins with 10 MU into each corrugator supercilli and can be repeated as necessary.