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To cause, or to be affected by, corrosion.
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With the current density reaching 40 A/[dm.sup.2], a dense and grain-refining coating was achieved in favor of prevention of corrodent infiltrating.
De surcroit, les relations d'entraide se transforment en relations inegalitaires de type agonistique qui corrodent la trame sociale.
This depends mostly on the stress level, but also on the specific corrodent that undermines the stability of the passive film.
In addition to cyclical tensile stress, corrosion fatigue requires the simultaneous action of a corrodent. While it is obvious that water will attack H-13 steel, as stated above, once a thin passive film of iron oxide is established, the rate of corrosion is usually insignificant to the overall life of a die, The results of this investigation, however, found severe corrosive action inside the water-cooling lines.
These samples were weighed before and after retrieval from the corrodent using an analytical balance.
For example Bromide ion is one of such corrodent and it is present in sea water in a measurable concentration but not accounted in salt spray test.
In addition, the considerable volume of GBs also enhances diffusion of the corrodent within the surface.
A separate chapter provides 200 corrosion tables arranged alphabetically according to the corrodent and varying concentrations.