Corrigan pulse

Cor·ri·gan sign

a full, hard pulse followed by a sudden collapse easily palpated and occurring in aortic regurgitation.
Synonym(s): Corrigan pulse
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Cor·ri·gan pulse

(kōr'i-găn pŭls)
A pulse marked by a sharp rise to full expansion followed by collapse; seen in aortic insufficiency.
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Corrigan pulse

[Sir Dominic J. Corrigan, Ir. physician, 1802–1880]
Waterhammer pulse.
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Sir Dominic John, Irish pathologist and clinician, 1802-1880.
Corrigan disease - reflux of blood through an incompetent aortic valve into the left ventricle during ventricular diastole. Synonym(s): aortic regurgitation
Corrigan pulse - the collapsing or water-hammer-type pulse in aortic regurgitation or peripheral arterial dilation, characterized by an abrupt rise and rapid fall away.
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