distance education

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dis·tance ed·u·ca·tion

(dis'tăns ej'yū-kā'shŭn)
Planned learning pursued in a place other than where the instruction is offered, using the Internet.
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distance education

A formalized teaching system to disseminate knowledge between teachers and students who are separated in space (location), time, or both.
Synonym: distance learning
See also: education
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* For almost a hundred years, the College employed a paper-based methodology to deliver PME via correspondence courses to officers where they lived and worked.
Policies that demanded travel to the University and placed a limit on the applicability of correspondence courses contradicted the whole philosophy behind Harper's commitment to teaching and learning at a distance.
Similar to the plethora of distance education correspondence courses available, "Online training is a tremendous tool" allowing people to study in their own time, at their own pace, and at a smaller cost.
On November 27 [2005] the New York Times reported that the NCAA allows high school student-athletes to use correspondence courses to meet eligibility requirements.
She is happy and studying for GCSEs through correspondence courses.
* discounts on Rubber Division meetings, symposia, workshops and correspondence courses;
Its traditional paper-based correspondence courses still command a large slice of Japan's lifetime learning market, with over 250,000 annual users.
"There are many life coaching correspondence courses but in order to really learn how to coach students need to be in a class where they can practise the application of these skills."
The evolution of various instructional delivery methods of distance education has included such mediums as correspondence courses, radio, television, and videotapes (Fender, 1999).
Axe these new phrases for traditional correspondence courses or correspondence courses offered using a CD, DVD, or the World Wide Web?
She had gone to school in the south and coached him in English and writing while he took high school correspondence courses.
She encourages women to take college and correspondence courses and to take advantage of on-the-job training opportunities.

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