distance education

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dis·tance ed·u·ca·tion

(dis'tăns ej'yū-kā'shŭn)
Planned learning pursued in a place other than where the instruction is offered, using the Internet.

distance education

A formalized teaching system to disseminate knowledge between teachers and students who are separated in space (location), time, or both.
Synonym: distance learning
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I will close with a quote from one of our most distinguished alumni, the late Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, who once said of the Naval War College correspondence course, "I regarded that course as one of the most valuable experiences that I had," and that "it gave an excellent indication to the people in the office of Chief of Naval Personnel, when they were looking for someone to do a job, to look down the list of the people who had completed the Naval War College correspondence course and say, 'Well, here is a guy who can stick with it.
6, which defined the operations of all University Extension departments, stated that students who completed University correspondence courses could receive academic credit only if they travelled to Chicago to take both university entrance examinations and the final examinations for each course (University of Chicago 1892a).
The Rubber Division, ACS, offers three well received and widely known rubber technology correspondence courses available year round in a boxed or web version.
She had gone to school in the south and coached him in English and writing while he took high school correspondence courses.
She encourages women to take college and correspondence courses and to take advantage of on-the-job training opportunities.
In 1955, Major joined the Air Force, taking correspondence courses after being discharged two years later He married and moved to Omaha, Nebraska, in 1958, where he stayed until 1966.
The benefits of networking via the Internet are vast: ease of courseware distribution (in contrast, CD-ROMS, paper-based correspondence courses, videos, etc.
Reaching out to new markets and geographic territories has been achieved for many years through distant extension sites, televised courses, paper-and-pencil correspondence courses, computer-based programs, and two-way interactive satellite broadcasts.
I knew I wanted to dance but I wasn't sure if I wanted to try to be in a professional ballet company or if I wanted to be in college and dance later," she said, adding that she plans to take one or two college correspondence courses this year at the suggestion of her parents.
While the concept of "distance" education through correspondence courses is not new, the use of the Internet as a delivery tool takes the idea to a new level.
In the meantime, anyone seriously interested in learning about the Catholic faith without having to travel might consider taking some correspondence courses with "The Catholic Distance University" centred in Hamilton, Virginia.
It amends the Higher Education Act of 1965 to exempt courses offered through telecommunications from certain limitations on student financial assistance with respect to correspondence courses.

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