advanced life support

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ad·vanced life sup·port (ALS),

(ad-vanst' līf sŭp-ōrt'),
Definitive emergency medical care that may include defibrillation, airway management, and use of drugs and medications. Compare: basic life support.
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Advanced Life Support

A generic term for resuscitation manoeuvres that extend beyond basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
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advanced life support

Emergency medicine A generic term for resuscitation efforts that extend beyond basic CPR
Advanced life support methods
Advanced ventilatory support,
eg tracheal intubation, pharyngotracheal lumen airway, esophageal obturator airway, transtracheal catheter ventilation
IV access
Correction of acidosis
Diagnostic tests,
eg EKG, arterial blood gases
Treat arrhythmias,
either with drugs or electroconversion
Advanced perfusion support.
Cf Basic life support.
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Correction of acidosis based on arterial blood gas and serum lactate values is indicated.
For DKA patients, the H-FABP level was also measured again 36 hours after the correction of acidosis. Blood gases, serum bicarbonate, urea, creatinine, alanine transaminase (ALT), and aspartate aminotransferase (AST) levels, as well as hemograms, were also determined in the patient and control groups.
The difference in H-FABP levels at patient's admission and at hour 36 after correction of acidosis in the DKA group was assessed using the paired-samples t-test.
Table 3 shows the H-FABP levels for the patients at the time of presentation and at hour 36 after the correction of acidosis. The value at the time of presentation was found to be significantly higher (p<0.0001).
Other therapeutic procedures include gastric lavage, correction of acidosis with sodium bicarbonate, folic acid, and secondary detoxication with hemodialysis.
Goodship, "Correction of acidosis in hemodialysis decreases whole-body protein degradation," Journal of the American Society ofNephrology, vol.
Elevated serum potassium often is not treated because correction of acidosis forces potassium to return to the cell.
Her initial treatment consisted of full support ventilation (synchronised intermittent mandatory ventilation plus pressure support mode), correction of acidosis by ensuring adequate ventilation, sedation with morphine and midazolam infusions, antibiotics (imipenem, ciprofloxacin and metronidazole), insulin infusion, low molecular weight heparin, institution of invasive arterial and central venous pressure monitoring and enteral nutrition.
A review of the effects of correction of acidosis on nutrition in dialysis patients.
A protocol designed to correct diabetic ketoacidosis in children with less total fluid, fewer calculations, and fewer changes of intravenous fluid results in the more rapid correction of acidosis, reported Dr.
Recent studies show that early treatment results in significant reduction in oxidative damage in patients with organic acidemias and L-Carnitine supplementation may be helpful.8 Other treatment modalities include use of co-enzyme Q, pyridoxine, biotin, Vitamin E along with correction of acidosis with sodium bicarbonate supplementation and management of hyperammonaemia with sodium benzoate, sodium phenylacetate and arginine as indicated.