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The suite of rooms where a physician receives and treats Pts, and otherwise practices medicine, known in the UK as 'surgery' Medtalk An agency or section of an official or governmental body. See European Patent Office.
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1. A room, suite, or building used for professional, commercial, or bureaucratic work.
2. An outpatient facility where patients are seen, examined, and treated; a clinic.
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Patient discussion about office

Q. I absolutely hate hospitals and doctors offices and can't stand them. any advice? I was very accident prone growing up so i have a lot of bad memories from the hospital and doctors offices that affect me today. Every time i get hurt or sick i refuse to go to get checked out and recently i did something to my wrist i was worried that i did something bad to it but i still wouldn't go. I'm better now but i need to get over my fears so i can handle these visits to the doctors or I'm worried something bad could happen in the future. Does anyone have any advice on what i should do?

A. this fear surly comes from places you know about. this is a first step! congratulations :).
now you have to figure what to do with them- that a very good situation to be in. all you have to do is choose how you want to overcome your fears. my advise to you is getting a psychologist that specialized in phobias. he can direct you to the next step much better then anyone else. you can also try Biofeedback, a treatment that helps you control your body reactions-
but i would let the psychologist recommend me a kind of therapy..
good luck!

Q. Is there a chance for the urine test at the doctor's office to go wrong? Four times I have experienced home pregnancy tests. They all came positive to my delight. Once I had a urine test in a clinic it came negative. I was told at the clinic by a nurse that the home pregnancy test may go wrong. I am completely confused. Is there a chance for the urine test at the doctor's office to go wrong?

A. Lesa, the home pregnancy test is just a device to help knowing whether a woman is pregnant or not, but I will say that is never 100% accurate, maybe it is 99,something% accurate. but there's always slight chance for that to be wrong. repeated test will confirm the prior test.

sometimes when you're happened to check the pregnancy with 'poor-pregnancy-test-device' you can have your result mistaken. if you want to be sure, check it in your doctor's office, and discuss that with your doctor. and one more thing, yes it's true the later you're having late period the higher the probability you're having positive result. so, don't get confused, okay?

Q. I doubt this to be fibromyalgia symptom and how can I manage with home and office with this deadly disease? I am a Zonal Manager working in a leading multinational company. My home stress overweighs the work related stress. I have a sweet family consisting of 3 kids and my hubby. My hubby works in an Airline Office and his work schedule is very tight. He doesn’t find time to engage my children at home. Even if he finds time at home, he prefers to relax and enjoy more than talking or playing with the kids. The kids have no other option than approaching me for all their needs. This puts me in continuous stress and now I have developed severe muscular pain all over my body. I doubt this to be fibromyalgia symptom and how can I manage with home and office with this deadly disease?

A. It is a proven fact that women with fibromyalgia benefit from working instead of being idle at home. Researchers have proved that working women with fibromyalgia possess better health status than women at home except pain. You have to be careful with your movements at work otherwise it is natural that you can end up in pain which ultimately ruin the rest of busy day. Try to be active and keep working. Follow your medicines regularly along with therapies to get relief from the disastrous pain.

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Worldwide or even just spread out across the nation, master franchisees can take a huge burden off of the corporate offices. Masters serve as a go-between for corporate and single-unit franchisees, making a comfortable bridge that fosters communication, collaboration and growth on both small and large scales.
Eschelon expanded its provision of local and long distance services to the Wild Oats Markets corporate offices earlier this year, to incorporate 12 further locations.
The need for good measurement practices requires expertise and knowledge in both the field office and corporate office. In cases where the field office has "ownership" of the measurement data, the ability to work with the corporate office is essential.
corporate office needs particular data, a simple telephone call, email or drill-down can identify the accounting code of the information being sought.
Earlier this week the company, which took over the aggregate and quarrying interests of Tarmac, said it may cut between 500 and 600 positions as part of a review of the company's corporate offices in London and Johannesburg.
For example, the corporate office wants to review a member facility's plan of correction (POC) to ensure that no promises are made that they don't want made, such as for certain capital expenditures.
The ability to hire and fire employees, the authority to disburse funds (as distinguished from the authorization to sign checks) and the holding of a corporate office are viewed by all of the circuits above as important indicators of liability for the TFRP.
In her detailed account of the development of the modern corporate office, Strom suggests that neither the unions nor feminists have been able to meet the challenge of the expanding female clerical workforce.
Two-Way Communication With a System's Corporate Office
Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 5 (ANI): The Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered the attachment of Amrapali's 5-star hotel, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company, corporate office, and malls.
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The company has strengthened its profitability due to increased demand in its key corporate office market and has consistently lowered its debt resulting in credit metrics that the agency views as being more in line with a higher rating.

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