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chief executive

The lead accountable officer in a particular NHS (UK) organisation, often understood to be the principle at a hospital trust.
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The responses indicated 35 percent of the corporations considered the chief tax person to be a corporate executive officer. Yet, 55 percent of these corporations had assets less than $1 billion.
Current - Corporate Executive Officer, Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer, Officer in Charge of Medical Business and President of Medical Business Unit
Masaru Kato** - Corporate Executive Officer, EVP and CFO
With new mobile apps, Shiseido Beauty Consultants continue to engage customers with Omotenashi (the Japanese spirit of hospitality) to differentiate the Shiseido customer experience, said Chikako Sekine, corporate executive officer, Shiseido, Co., Ltd.
Corporate executive officer for Langely Health Services, 1425 S.
Samuella Aboko Cole, the Corporate Executive Officer declared that every customer will like the product and Airtel is ready to make the customers feel free.
New York Times business columnist Holstein gives advice to corporate executive officers (who are so "time-starved" they can't read more than a 100-page book--or so goes the conceit of this series) on public relations.
Some of the corporate executive officers sourced in the book identified their own instances of bad judgment as those where they misjudged cases during which their subordinates were involved with an inept or unethical action.

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