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chief executive officer (CEO, C.E.O.)

the most senior official of an organization or institution.

chief executive

The lead accountable officer in a particular NHS (UK) organisation, often understood to be the principle at a hospital trust.
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The July 1986 Anderson/Arlinghaus article concluded that the larger the corporation, the greater the tendency to rate its senior tax executive as a corporate executive officer.
Howard Stringer - Representative Corporate Executive Officer, Chairman (Mr.
Prior to his appointment at Novell, Schmidt was chief technology officer and corporate executive officer at Sun Microsystems, Inc.
As a member of the Checkers/Rally's Franchise Advisory Council, he works closely with the corporate executive officer team to contribute to the decision-making process.
1) Sir Howard Stringer (currently Chairman & CEO Sony Corporation of America, Corporate Executive Officer, Vice Chairman and COO Sony Entertainment Business Group) will assume the position of Chairman, Group CEO and Representative Corporate Executive Officer, Sony Corporation.
Chief Scientist and Corporate Executive Officer, Sun Microsystems -- David Kingsbury, Ph.
Visteon's expansion into Slovakia will help accelerate the growth of our automotive industry," said Roman Kuruc, corporate executive officer of SARIO.
With the design of the MAJC 5200 chip, Sun is delivering on our vision of providing the processing power needed for a new class of convergence applications and affords many exciting opportunities for Sun," said Bill Joy, founder, chief scientist and corporate executive officer, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Daniel Ketelsen Corporate Executive Officer stated, "online services are the future, and employment opportunities for IT professionals will move into online administration and dial up networking, PPTP or (point to point tunneling protocol) will move IT professionals to remote administration.
Prior to this role, Stewart served as a corporate executive officer and member of Imation's operations committee as corporate controller for the company.

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