Corporate DNA

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A company's core values, culture, personality, etc., that are intended to pass to all employees
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Medtech leaders need to change their business models, their corporate DNA, to embrace lean innovation beyond their core operations."
"With innovation embedded in our corporate DNA, we are well
Commitment to quality pharmacy operations is in the company's corporate DNA, and it is an important part of what allows the chain to continue focusing on refinements to the programs and services it provides so that it best meets the specialized needs of its members.
"Unscripted is always in the corporate DNA because the model works for us," Forman says.
The financial markets have totally misread the strategic shifts that will transform the balance sheet, franchise value and corporate DNA of HSBC.
Well standing still isn't in Premier's family owned corporate DNA, so this year's 225 SunSation LTD has been completely revamped to reveal a new look inside and out.
At Commercialbank we believe in building the talent of tomorrow, an essential part of our corporate DNA. The partnership is the first stop on our strategic road map for the future.
Finally, with the right corporate DNA, proven by venues like Quote MTF (that require only a fraction of Europe's liquidity for the company to break even), there is a genuine opportunity for sustained trading provision by independent trading venues.
Carbon reduction in Wales has to become part of the corporate DNA where every opportunity for cost and carbon savings through greater energy efficiency is seized upon.
Our corporate purpose of "helping all people live healthy lives" is part of our corporate DNA and guides all our business and charitable activities.
This award is a clear reward for Kia's determination to establish design as one of the key components of its corporate DNA."
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