Pluggy Appearance

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A popular term for the unnatural appearance of larger hair grafts which were typical of the early days (1970s) of hair transplantation, as part of the so-called scalp-lifting procedure, in which 4–5-m punch grafts were used to cover excessively large bald patches, resulting in a 'pluggy' appearance fancifully likened to the hair on inexpensive plastic dolls; such grafts are separated by hairless ‘valleys’ imparting a patchy or ‘checkerboard appearance
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The problem was that those grafts were about 4 millimeters in diameter, creating an unattractive and unnatural cornrow look.
IT is one of the toughest handicaps of the season, but favourite Cornrow looks the most likely winner of the Betfred Cambrigdeshire (3.50pm) at Newmarket this afternoon.
Cornrow looked progressive last year but then ran into a problem and I had to be very patient with him."